Marine Mammal Incident Reporting Hotline

While working for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, I was tasked by a Senior Program Officer to create a new sticker for the Marine Mammal Incident Reporting Hotline. There was a quick turnaround on the project – the sticker design was in the process of being formalized and approved – and I had only a few hours to make any graphical changes.

The initial sticker design was unappealing. I chose to keep the whale motif and was encouraged to combine it with a graphic of the earth. I increased the size and weight of the phone number and email and placed them on red background to draw attention.

Upon submitting the first mock-up, I received encouragement and feedback. I added a C&P Crest to the top right corner and changed some of the text spacing and colours to make the important information (the hotline and email) pop. After a few iterations the final product had the crest located at the bottom by the DFO footer.

This project taught me a number of things. The whole project was under strict time deadlines so changes had to be quick and decisive, and I had to flexible to accommodate changes on request. Constant communication was vital to discuss the iterations, and the relatively small scale of the sticker necessitated a clear hierarchy and arresting design.

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