Indestructo Light

Key skills: User research, Personas, Prototyping, Graphic Design, 3D Modelling


The Indestructo Light was product design assignment for a Materials in Design class. It was a team project which involved creating a flashlight mock-up for a specific persona. This persona involved a number of specific needs that the design and materials of the flashlight. The persona we chose was a road construction worker.


The first step, as a team, was sketching out rough ideas for the design of the forms and mechanisms. Each member sketched different, separate ideas, then we met at the end to combine our ideas into one ideal design. We chose a modular, robust design with a hole in the middle to aid the ability to pick it up using heavy duty gloves and simple push button for the same reason. Our final form took inspiration from the carabiner; an ideal shape for strength and weight distribution.

The second iteration involved creating a mock-up using foam. Again, all team members worked individually on their own designs, before meeting to decide a winner. Our final form was a switch-operated hollow triangular form with grips and protection around the outside.

Final Poster-1
Final poster

Final poster design, showing interaction, persona, ideation, constraints, summary, and materials

Our final iteration involved a poster and presentation showing the materials, detailed persona, interaction, constraints, and general summary. My role in this step was to research and decide on the materials and their specific applications in the flashlight, as well as the constraints. The central constraint of the project was durability, as it had to be used in construction projects. I chose ABS Plastic for its relative inexpensiveness while maintaining structural rigidity and high carbon content steel for strength. I chose rubber for shock absorption, grip and waterproofing, and acrylic glass for durable, scratch proof, but highly transparent lens cover. An alternative material, Sapphire Glass, was also cited as optional, for it is expensive but very hard. These materials fulfilled the constraint as defined by our specific persona.

My Roles

My role in this project changed throughout the different iterations. All team members, in the beginning, were tasked with sketching and creating a rough foam model with which we would refine a final idea. The final presentation and poster step required me to research specific materials, their tolerances, benefits and drawbacks, and decide where they would go in the final form. I developed valuable teamwork and leadership lessons, as well as 3D modelling, research, and content writing skills.

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